Tory Controlled Daventry District Council produced a report which concluded that “NCC has great challenges in balancing its budget”, “It is also running very low on reserves” and “faces a material risk of being unable to meet obligations as they become due i.e. it would be technically insolvent”

Council services are being slashed including support for young and disabled people. This includes the closure of care homes, cuts to school meal services, cuts to bus services and the threat to charge some adults for social care assessments.

Independent auditors (KPMG) concluded in 2016 that Northants CC was not providing “value for money”. Now the council have pushed through a desperate increase in council tax (4.98%) whilst services continue to be cut back.

NCC are quickly selling off a number of their buildings after the government gave local authorities a one off chance to sell capital assets to fill the holes in their services budget. If the government extend this offer, which community buildings could be next?

Jobs are already under threat at the County Council and in the local schools. This threat could be extended to more local government workers if NCC get their way and abolish all district and borough councils to create one Northamptonshire Unitary authority.